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How to use Bizum with your bank?

Select your bank

Consult the list of banks which have Bizum, find yours and click on the logo.

Download their app

Once on your bank's website, follow the instructions to download the app.

Enter the app and enable it!

Search for the "send and receive money with Bizum" option, enable the service and that's it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I change my Bizum bank?

Of course you can! And it's easy and simple. Just enter the application of the bank you wish to change to, and when you attempt to access the Bizum area, you will receive a message asking you if you wish to change from one to another.

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Can I have a telephone number phone associated with two accounts at the same or in different banks?

A telephone number may only be assigned to a single bank account number (IBAN). Nevertheless, you can change the selected account and bank as often as you like.

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Can I associate more than one telephone number with the same account?

No problem. If, for example, you and your partner use the same bank account, there is no problem for both of you to be registered with Bizum by associating each other's mobile telephone numbers with the same bank account.

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