Bizum | Do you wish to make a donation to an NGO? It's as easy as making a Bizum
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Choose an NGO and donate whatever you want, whenever you want

Here is a list of NGOs so that you can choose and donate to the causes that are dear to you in the most convenient and secure manner.

Cómo donar a una ONG de manera segura desde tu móvil

Organisations that you can donate to

Discover the NGOs accredited by the Fundación Lealtad

The Fundación Lealtad accredits associations and foundations which fully comply with the Nine (9) Principles of Transparency and Best Practices.

Everything you donate will be entirely for the NGO

Don't worry, 100% of your money will go to the organisation of your choice. No commissions, no fees, as we want you to worry about what's important.

Tu dinero irá íntegro a la ONG

How to make a donation with Bizum?

Enable Bizum

Download your bank's app, register and search for the Bizum option. You will find the option to send money to an NGO therein.

Remittance code

Select the NGO to which you would like to make a donation or enter the remittance code that you will find in the NGO list.

Enter an amount

Select the amount that you wish to contribute and press send. Your money will be sent to the NGO at that moment.

Cómo solicitar un certificado de donaciones

How to request a certificate of donations

When you select an organisation, search for the email address for contacting those organisations. Send same an email specifying the following:

  • Name and Surname(s)
  • National Identity (D.N.I.) number
  • Postal address
  • Email address
  • Amount donated

Frequently Asked Questions

I am an NGO, how can I offer Bizum?

The process is simple: just advise the financial institution with which you generally work with, which must be ascribed to Bizum, as regards your interest in offering Bizum in order to receive donations; that financial institution will be responsible for enabling the Bizum service and any bizumer will be able to make a donation regardless of the entity to which he/she belongs to. For any additional request or enquiry regarding the registration process in Bizum, please write to us!

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