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What is Bizum?

Bizum is the immediate, fast, convenient and universal mobile payment solution promoted by Spanish banks.
Currently, it allows payments between individuals, donations to NGOs and payment in associated online establishments. We continue to work tirelessly to offer new services; sign up for our newsletter to keep up to date with the latest news!

What services are offered?

We offer you the incredible option of making immediate transfers to your friends, family or anyone you wish with your mobile phone. Forget about the IBAN and other complex procedures, you will only need the mobile phone of the person that you wish to send money to or request money from, and all with the maximum security measures and the endorsement of the major Spanish banks. An attractive offer, don’t you think? Furthermore, you can also make donations to various charitable causes and pay for your purchases online through Bizum – fast, convenient and secure!


What are the requirements for using Bizum?

All you need is a bank account (IBAN) in Spain with any of the entities which offer the service and a mobile phone number.

Which banks have Bizum?

Nearly all banks offer Bizum. You can consult the complete list here.

Where can I find it?

Depending on the bank, you can find it within your general mobile application, wallet or electronic banking.

Is it secure?

Of course! Bizum is a service offered entirely through banking channels, reason why it is endorsed in its entirety by the banks’ security systems. The transfer is always ordered by your bank and it is the banks who are responsible for your authentication.

Is Bizum free?

Bizum is free for users. Nevertheless, However, it will depend on the policy of each entity; we encourage you to check with your bank.

Is there a limit?

We know you like Bizum, but it’s always good to set certain limits to ensure your security, which is the most important thing for us:
– Minimum amount per operation: €0.50
– Maximum amount per operation: €1,000
– Amount of operations received per client per day: €2,000
– Number of operations received by a client in a month: 60 operations
– Maximum number of recipients to be included in a multiple request/remittance: 30 recipients
– Duration of pending remittance to a Non-Client: 2 days
– Duration of the pending request to a Non-Client: 7 days
– Maximum storage time for additional content on service servers: 30 days
That said, each entity may establish its own limits, within these limits, for its clients.

How do I register?

The process is very simple.
1.Select the entity with which you wish to join Bizum
2.Find the application the Play Store or Apple Store
4.We’re almost done, cheer up
5.Enter your online banking credentials and log in
6.Access the Bizum area or send/receive money with Bizum
7.Read and accept the Terms and Conditions
Start making Begums! It’s that easy.

From the moment I am registered, do I have to wait long to be able to use it?

No. It’s immediate, once you’re registered, you’re ready to make a Bizum. 😊

Can I use it if I am a minor?

This matter depends on each bank, which is why you and your legal guardian are encouraged to contact your bank to discuss this issue. Consult the list of banks here.

Can I give a Bizum to someone with a foreign bank account? What if he/she have a foreign telephone number?

Although we love travelling abroad, the Bizum service is not yet available for bank accounts outside Spain.

Insofar as the telephone is concerned, Bizum has no restrictions, reason why it would not be a problem to make a Bizum to foreign mobile phone numbers which have a Spanish bank account associated with those phone numbers

Can I make a Bizum to a person who does not have the Service?

Yes, just enter your mobile phone and a message will be sent inviting him/her to join this great service. Nevertheless, please bear in mind the following:
– If your Bizum was in regards to sending money, your remittance will remain in a pending status until the recipient registers, at which time the money will be sent. If, after two days from the remittance date, the recipient is still unregistered, the operation will be automatically cancelled.
– If your Bizum was in regards to requesting money, your request will remain in a pending status until the recipient replies. If, after seven days from the remittance date, the recipient is still unregistered, the operation will be automatically cancelled.

Can I have a telephone number phone associated with two accounts at the same or in different banks?

A telephone number may only be assigned to a single bank account number (IBAN). Nevertheless, you can change the selected account and bank as often as you like.

Can I change my Bizum bank?

Of course you can! And it’s easy and simple. Just enter the application of the bank you wish to change to, and when you attempt to access the Bizum area, you will receive a message asking you if you wish to change from one to another.

I am registered in Bizum with an entity. Can I have a Bizum with another entity at the same time?

Bizum is monogamous, which is why you can only be with one entity at a time. However, you can change as many times as you like 😉 With a single mobile phone telephone number you can be in Bizum only through a single entity, and with several if you have more than one number.

Can I associate more than one telephone number with the same account?

No problem. If, for example, you and your partner use the same bank account, there is no problem for both of you to be registered with Bizum by associating each other’s mobile telephone numbers with the same bank account.

I have sent a money transfer/request to a friend, when does the money arrive?

The sending of a Bizum is immediate, so it will reach the recipient’s account in less than 5 seconds! Just in case, we always send a notification to the money recipient in order to confirm the correct receipt of the money. In the event of a request, the recipient will have 7 days to accept or reject it.

I have to make several Bizums, can I make multiple remittances or requests?

Yes! It’s is very easy: you only have to add several telephone numbers or select the recipients from your list of contacts in the first step, up to a maximum of 30. However, the amount sent or requested must be the same for all the recipients.

Can I send more content than the concept with my Bizum, such as photos or text?

Of course! You can add a photo or longer text to provide the recipient with more information about your Bizum.

I am getting married, can my guests make me wedding gifts through Bizum?

Bizum is the easiest, fastest and most secure way to receive your wedding gifts from friends. It is not necessary to share the IBAN of your bank account. All you have to do is include the telephone number of either one of the members of the couple in the invitation and specify the option of receiving money through Bizum. Your guests will be able to send money easily from their mobile phone, through their bank’s application, by entering the telephone number provided. As the money is sent immediately, you will have the wedding gift money in your account in less than 5 seconds!

How can I unsubscribe?

We would be sorry to hear that you want to unsubscribe from the application, but if you are determined to do so, you can unsubscribe through the same channels you used to register. Should you have any enquiries about unsubscribing, you can always go to any of the branches of the last bank you registered with.

Purchase online

What is the Bizum password?

The Bizum password is a 4-digit code which you can use to make purchases in all establishments which have the Bizum button as a payment method.

How do I obtain my Bizum password?

You can obtain it in your bank’s app, enter here and click on your bank’s logo for more information. You can change it whenever you want from this application.

I've changed banks. Do I still have my Bizum password?

If you changed to another bank, you must obtain a new Bizum password for making your purchases online.

Can I change my Bizum password?

Of course! Just like a card’s PIN. You can manage your Bizum password in your bank’s app and request its amendment or creation of a new password when so desire.

My Bizum bank does not offer me a Bizum password. Can I make purchases online?

If your bank does not have a Bizum password, this means that it is working to offer payment through e-commerce. Another option is that your bank already allows you to complete payments with Bizum directly in your banking app. To do so, you will only have to enter your phone number at the time of payment and you will receive a notification from your bank to complete the payment in its application.

In which establishments can I use Bizum?

In all establishments where you see the Bizum button on their payment page. You can also consult the list of establishments which already have available our payment method.

What guarantees do I have when I make a purchase at an e-business using Bizum?

Bizum, as an immediate account-to-account payment method, offers the maximum guarantee of security pursuant to the standards regulated by the European Union and Spanish legislation. Payment is made in an entirely secure manner with Bizum through your bank, which is the entity which finally validates the operation.
You should consult the establishment in each case as regards product delivery and returns warranties.

How do I return a product purchased using Bizum?

As with other payment methods, the product return policy is governed by the terms and conditions stipulated by the establishment where the purchase was made. You must talk to the establishment in order to undertake the management and, where applicable, the payment reimbursement.

How do I consult my purchases?

You can consult all your purchases within your bank’s app in the Bizum/movements section. Purchases made using Bizum are shown in the same section as the Bizum you made with your friends or family. All Bizum operations are sent to your bank account associated to the service, which is why you can likewise view these operations through your bank’s channels that you generally use to consult same (electronic banking, mobile banking etc.).

Is there any cost for the purchaser?

Paying with Bizum at the establishment does not entail any y cost for the user. So no, we do not charge you a fee when you hit the pay button. 😉

Can I use Bizum to make a purchase from an individual?

Indeed, Bizum is an ideal payment solution for purchases between individuals, in particular, through applications or platforms which bring purchasers and vendors together. Nevertheless, there can always be sporadic cases in which a seller attempts to take advantage of the purchaser’s goodwill, regardless of whether or not payment is made with Bizum or another means of payment (transfer, cash on delivery, …). As with any other method, prior to paying with Bizum, ensure that the seller has delivered the product actually purchased or offers sufficient guarantees that it will be sent to you subsequently, given that the fact that Bizum we cannot guarantee the seller’s goodwill and the subsequent delivery of goods.
Certain conduct and actions which may assist you to suspect that the seller is not reliable are as follows:
– The supposed seller sells a new or high-end product at a price well below the market price.
– The seller’s phone number wherein it is specified to send the money is a different phone number than the one he/she used to contact you.
– The name of the person who will receive the money is different from the name of the seller with whom you have been having the conversation.
– If making a purchase through a sales platform, always check the reputation of the seller and the age of the account. Be wary of sellers with a bad reputation or no reputation at all and with a little or no business activity.
– Sometimes prudence is a blessing in disguise. That is why it is also recommend that you check that the seller’s phone number does not appear on the internet as being associated with cases of alleged fraud prior to making the operation. You only need to enter the telephone number in your search engine to carry out this simple verification.

Payment in State Lottery and Gambling Administrations

What are the advantages of using Bizum?

Using Bizum enables you to pay your bets quickly and securely, avoiding the handling of cash. You can make payments of any amount. Furthermore, you can collect your winnings of up to €2,000 which are paid directly into your bank account, which avoids cash management and the requirement to deposit the money received later.

What is the Bizum QR?

In order to make payments for bets and receive prizes with Bizum, you will have to generate the Bizum QR in your bank application or in the Bizum App, a code which enables you to identify yourself as a user when you commence the operation.

The Bizum QR is a dynamic code, that is, a different code is generated for each operation and is only valid for a single operation. Furthermore, it will have a validity period, which will never exceed 15 minutes, after which it will expire and a new QR must be generated.

How to generate the Bizum QR?

You can generate the Bizum QR from your bank’s application, with which you are registered in Bizum, or by accessing the Bizum App. In the first case, you will have to go to the Bizum section of the banking app and select the “Bizum QR” section; a QR code will be generated that you can use to commence the operation. In the case of using the Bizum App, you will have to go to the Settings section, within which you will find the “Bizum QR” option.

You can access the Bizum QR more quickly by bringing your unlocked mobile phone closer to the stickers that you will find on the glass of some administrations’ counters. Thanks to the NFC technology, you will receive a notification to open your banking application or the Bizum App. Following authentication, the application will take you directly to the Bizum QR section, reducing access time.

How can I pay my bets with Bizum?

Once your QR code has been generated, show it to the seller, who will read it. You must remain in your banking application or in the Bizum App, where you will receive, in a few seconds, the information of the operation and you will be able to complete the payment. If you do not receive any notification, check your pending movements to complete the payment. You will have 5 minutes to validate the operation before it expires.

Once payment has been completed, both you and the seller will receive a confirmation that the payment has been made correctly.

How can I collect my prize with Bizum?

You will have to generate your QR code and show it to the seller, who will read it. You must remain in your application, where you will receive confirmation of the operation carried out.

Are there limits to payment and collection with Bizum in the administrations?

You can make payments of any amount and collect prizes of up to 2,000 euros. Nothing shabby, eh!


Can I use it if I am self-employed?

The option of using Bizum for your payments related to your professional activity has recently been enabled. You should talk to your bank about this, as it is a different service to money remittances money between individuals. The user will accept the payments as he/she makes payments in e-commerce with Bizum.

I am an establishment; how can I include the Bizum button on my website? What are the terms and conditions?

In order to accept Bizum as a payment method, contact any of the ascribed banks to reach the corresponding commercial agreement.
The bank with which you conclude the agreement will advise you as regards the next steps and, in particular, how to easily integrate the Bizum button into your payment page, whatever your technological platform is. Any establishment, large or small, can incorporate Bizum.
As with other payment methods, the commercial and service terms conditions may vary depending on the bank. Select the method which best suits your activity and characteristics.

I am an establishment, which banks can I contact to incorporate the Bizum button?

On this page you have available the list of banks that currently offer the feature.
Gradually, more banks will join Bizum – contact any of them!

I am an establishment; what advantages does payment using Bizum offer me?

Bizum users are the most active in digital banking and online shopping. These Users are well versed in using Bizum for person-to-person payment, which has had an exponential expansion. Now they are requesting to use Bizum to pay in website establishments, mobile applications, new environments …
Bizum is a completely secure solution, which incorporates a double validation factor and complies with the European PSD2 payment directive, but that does not mean that users take longer to make a payment! Thanks to Bizum’s association between their mobile phone and their bank account, users can make their payments in less than 25 seconds.
All the User have to do is use their telephone number, without having to enter any other card or account details. Indeed this makes it so much easier for you to complete your purchase.
And, of course, with the confidence that this entails from the application of procedures and guarantees equivalent to those of other banking methods for establishments and consumers.
It should be remembered that Bizum is a solution created by Spain’s major banks and the service offer which you will find with these banks will be much more varied and flexible than that of other competitors, when it comes to meeting your needs.
Of course, being an establishment which offers by Bizum, you will have visibility on our website, so that users who visit it can access your establishment directly via a link. The ascribed banks will similarly disseminate payment with Bizum for online purchases through their own channels.

I am a company, can I pay my promotions, prizes and discounts using Bizum?

Bizum allows your company to pay prizes, discounts or refunds to your clients who are registered in the service. It is not necessary to know the IBAN of the lucky ones, their mobile phone number will sufficient. The process is simple, you only need to notify our interest in offering Bizum for your promotions to the financial institution of your choice (and which is ascribed to Bizum). This financial institution provide advice as regards the steps to integrate our service and also so that anyone can receive their prize easily, securely and immediately.


I am an NGO, how can I offer Bizum?

The process is simple: just advise the financial institution with which you generally work with, which must be ascribed to Bizum, as regards your interest in offering Bizum in order to receive donations; that financial institution will be responsible for enabling the Bizum service and any bizumer will be able to make a donation regardless of the entity to which he/she belongs to. For any additional request or enquiry regarding the registration process in Bizum, please write to us!


What can I do if I have problems when registering in Bizum?

If you have any problems during the registration process, as Bizum is a service offered entirely through banking channels, it is recommended that you contact your bank. If you still have problems, you can write to us or go to our Twitter, Facebook or Instagram profiles.

What do I do if I have changed my mobile phone number?

In that case, you need to notify the bank with which you were registered of the change in your telephone number so that said entity may update the telephone number in Bizum. Furthermore, in order to prevent your telephone number remaining active until you notify the bank of the change in telephone number, it is recommended that you unsubscribe from the service prior to changing your terminal.

What if I change my bank?

If you change your bank, your deregistration in Bizum will be processed by the bank with which you were registered. In either event, this deregistration process may take a couple of days, so if you are going to change bank, it is recommended that you unsubscribe from Bizum beforehand, in order to register with your new bank immediately.

I have cancelled my bank account without unsubscribing from Bizum. I have subsequently become a client of another bank and, when registering with Bizum, I am notified that I cannot do so as I am still registered with my former bank. What can I do?

No problem! Contact your former bank so that your registration with Bizum can be cancelled, and in less than a minute you will be able to use Bizum again!

What should I do if I make a mistake when I attempt to carry out an operation using Bizum?

First of all, don’t worry, given the fact that until the onscreen confirmation has been sent the remittance or request has been made correctly, there is no risk that an operation has been made without your knowledge. Next, it is recommended that you repeat the process a couple of times in the event that it may be due to a specific error in the application and, if it persists, we encourage you to contact your bank. If, however, the problems persist, you can write to us and we will help you in any way possible.

What happens if, when my friend accepts the sending/request, I don't have funds in my bank account?

Unfortunately, in such cases the transfer cannot be completed and will be automatically cancelled. You will have to make a new Bizum to your friend when you have funds once again.

I sent a Bizum to the wrong recipient, what can I do?

The easiest solution is for you to contact the person to whom you have mistakenly sent the money, for the purposes that he/she can return same to you. In either event, you can also contact your bank so that you can be advised as regards the cases in which you can request a refund.

My mobile phone has been stolen, what should I do?

Don’t worry, Bizum is an entirely secure service endorsed by the security systems of the banks that offer same. Which is why even if your mobile phone were stolen, you would not be able to access Bizum without your online banking credentials.

I have bought a product using Bizum from another private individual and have not received it, what can I do?

If you have used the service to pay for a product from another private individual and he/she has not yet delivered it to you, it is recommended that you contact your bank to find out about the different methods to make a complaint.

I have purchased an item and which was paid using Bizum but have not received the goods. Will Bizum refund my money? What can I do?

In the first place, we are really sorry that you have been put in this position. For your peace of mind, we would like to point out that all the information on the operations is recorded in the systems, reason why, in the event of a scam, there is always a trail to follow and all the details of the person who has received the money are always available, which is why, sooner or later, the alleged scammer can be “caught”. In this case, it is suggested that you file a complaint, and the state security forces will investigate your case. From Bizum we will collaborate in the pursuit of the alleged fraudster by furnishing the data in our possession as regards that person and the operation in question as soon as possible to the competent authorities which officially request same.

I do not recognise a payment made using Bizum, what can I do?

Thoroughly check the details of the payment in your bank’s app or in your bank account to confirm that you do not identify that payment. In that case, contact your bank’s customer service department immediately. That department will advise you as regards the fact that is indeed a due debit, how to claim a refund.