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Descubre cómo funciona Bizum

Still don't know what Bizum is and how it works?

Discover the easiest, fastest and most secure way to make payments from your mobile phone.

How does Bizum work?

Send and receive money

Purchase online

NGO donation

Access Bizum from your bank's app

Find Bizum within the app of any of our affiliated banks and enable it. Should you prefer, you can download the Bizum app to start sending and receiving money.

Enter the mobile phone number and the amount

Find the “Send and receive money with Bizum” option, enter the mobile phone number or select the recipient from your list of contacts and specify the amount.

Click send and make a Bizum!

Once sent, if the recipient already uses Bizum, he/she will have the money available in seconds. Should he/she not be a Bizum user, he/she will be sent an SMS with instructions on how to receive the money quickly and easily.

Select Bizum as your method of payment

You can also now make a Bizum to your favourite online establishments. When you make your purchases, choose the “Pay with Bizum” option.

Enter your mobile number and Bizum password

The only information which you much enter is your telephone number and your 4-digit Bizum password. This password will be obtained from the Bizum section of your bank’s app and it will be used to for making all your purchases.

Enter the code sent to you by your bank for its validation

Your bank will send you an SMS with a code to validate the operation, enter it and you’re done. Now, enjoy your shopping!

Select the NGO that you wish to donate to

From your bank’s app where you have the Bizum active, select the NGO or enter the indicator.

Enter the code or search for the NGO

You can find the identifier of the campaign that is active in the list of NGOs.

Select the amount that you wish to donate and send

Once the cause has been selected, specify the amount that you wish to donate and in less than 5 seconds you will have supported the cause of your choice.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the requirements for using Bizum?

All you need is a bank account (IBAN) in Spain with any of the entities which offer the service and a mobile phone number.

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Is it secure?

Of course! Bizum is a service offered entirely through banking channels, reason why it is endorsed in its entirety by the banks' security systems. The transfer is always ordered by your bank and it is the banks who are responsible for your authentication.

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What is the Bizum password?

The Bizum password is a 4-digit code which you can use to make purchases in all establishments which have the Bizum button as a payment method

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