Bizum | Are you an NGO and wish to receive donations with Bizum?
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Your NGO can now offer Bizum to receive donations

Here is the fastest and more secure way to receive donations and thereby help in what really matters.

Ya puedes ofrecer Bizum para recibir donaciones

NGOs that already have Bizum

How to offer Bizum in your NGO?

Connect with your bank

Let your financial institution know of your interest in offering Bizum for donations.

Enable Bizum

The entity will be responsible for enabling the unique donation code with Bizum.

Receive donations

Once the bank enables the Bizum service, you can receive donations from any bank.

If you have any enquiries as regards the process, please contact us

Frequently Asked Questions

I am an NGO, how can I offer Bizum?

The process is simple: just advise the financial institution with which you generally work with, which must be ascribed to Bizum, as regards your interest in offering Bizum in order to receive donations; that financial institution will be responsible for enabling the Bizum service and any bizumer will be able to make a donation regardless of the entity to which he/she belongs to. For any additional request or enquiry regarding the registration process in Bizum, please write to us!

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You can also write to us and we will help you obtain a Bizum

Write to us and we will contact you as soon as we can

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