Bizum | How to incorporate Bizum in your e-commerce?
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Discover how to integrate Bizum

In your online establishment

In your company's payments

How to include Bizum in your e-business?

Contact your bank

Talk to your bank to find out the financial terms and conditions and contract the service.

Incorporate Bizum

Add Bizum into your payment gateway to enjoy our service. Discover which technologies you can use.

Add Bizum to your website

Place the Bizum button on your website and that’s it! Your clients can now pay you quickly and securely.

How to pay for promotions in your company with Bizum?

Contact your bank

Advise the financial entity as regards your interest in using Bizum for your promotion payments.

Incorporate Bizum

Said entity will advise you on the steps to be able to pay any person easily, securely and immediately.

Advise your clients

Pay prizes, discounts or refunds to people who are registered in Bizum without requiring their IBAN.

Banks with which you can use Bizum

Find out if the entity that you are collaborating with offers Bizum. If you cannot find it, contact your bank or contact us so that we may help you.

You can also write to us and we will help you obtain a Bizum

Write to us and we will contact you as soon as we can.

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