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We're in luck! Use Bizum in your nearest lottery administration

You can now pay and collect your prizes with Bizum at the State Lottery and Gambling Administrations (SELAE) – fast, easy and secure!

Ahora puedes pagar con Bizum la lotería (SELAE)

How to pay and collect the lottery with Bizum?

Generate the Bizum QR

Access Bizum from your bank's app and generate your Bizum QR.

Display your Bizum QR

The person in charge will scan the Bizum QR code.

Confirm the operation

Validate the payment and that's it! If you are in line for a prize, there is no need for validation.

Banking institutions with which you can use Bizum

Select your bank in order to obtain its app if you don't already have it and start using Bizum

Advantages of paying with Bizum in your administration


It will only take a few seconds, which means a smaller queue.

No commissions

Bizum has no commissions of any kind or interest.


Forget about cards or carrying cash, all you need is your mobile phone.


Bizum is 100% secure. We are endorsed by your banking institution.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Bizum QR?

In order to make payments for bets and receive prizes with Bizum, you will have to generate the Bizum QR in your bank application or in the Bizum App, a code which enables you to identify yourself as a user when you commence the operation. The Bizum QR is a dynamic code, that is, a different code is generated for each operation and is only valid for a single operation. Furthermore, it will have a validity period, which will never exceed 15 minutes, after which it will expire and a new QR must be generated.

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Are there limits to payment and collection with Bizum in the administrations?

You can make payments of any amount and collect prizes of up to 2,000 Euros. Nothing shabby, eh!

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