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Bizum, el nuevo método de pago para tu comercio electrónico.

New method of payment for your e-business

Add Bizum as a method of payment in your online business and let your clients start paying only using their mobile phones.

Banks with which you can use Bizum

Find out if the bank you are collaborating with offers Bizum. If you cannot find it, contact your bank or contact us so that we can help you.

Establishments which already use Bizum

How to include Bizum in your e-business?

Contact your bank

Contact your bank to find out about the financial terms and conditions and contract the service.

Incorporate Bizum

Add Bizum into your payment gateway, to enjoy our services. Discover which technologies you can use.

Add Bizum to your website

Place the Bizum button on your website and that’s it! Your clients can now pay you quickly and securely.

E-businesses platforms

For the purposes of integration with any of these platforms, you must always reach a prior agreement with a Bizum bank. You can find the modules by downloading these from this link.

If you already have Bizum, you can take advantage of the following benefits:

List of establishments

You will appear in our searches for establishments associated with Bizum.

Payments promotion

Explain your idea to us in our mail or form below and we will provide a solution.


We regularly advise our users as regards offers from Bizum establishments.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use it if I am self-employed?

The option of using Bizum for your payments related to your professional activity has recently been enabled. You should talk to your bank about this, as it is a different service to money remittances money between individuals. The user will accept the payments as he/she makes payments in e-commerce with Bizum.

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I am an establishment; what advantages does payment using Bizum offer me?

Bizum users are the most active in digital banking and online shopping. These Users are well versed in using Bizum for person-to-person payment, which has had an exponential expansion. Now they are requesting to use Bizum to pay in website establishments, mobile applications, new environments ... Bizum is a completely secure solution, which incorporates a double validation factor and complies with the European PSD2 payment directive, but that does not mean that users take longer to make a payment! Thanks to Bizum's association between their mobile phone and their bank account, users can make their payments in less than 25 seconds. All the User have to do is use their telephone number, without having to enter any other card or account details. Indeed this makes it so much easier for you to complete your purchase. And, of course, with the confidence that this entails from the application of procedures and guarantees equivalent to those of other banking methods for establishments and consumers. It should be remembered that Bizum is a solution created by Spain's major banks and the service offer which you will find with these banks will be much more varied and flexible than that of other competitors, when it comes to meeting your needs. Of course, being an establishment which offers by Bizum, you will have visibility on our website, so that users who visit it can access your establishment directly via a link. The ascribed banks will similarly disseminate payment with Bizum for online purchases through their own channels. Solo tienen que usar su número de teléfono, sin necesidad de introducir otros datos de tarjeta o cuenta; ellos les permite completar su compra más fácilmente. Y, por supuesto, con la confianza que supone, para comercios y consumidores, la aplicación de procedimientos y garantías equivalentes a los de otros métodos bancarios.

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Write to us and we will contact you as soon as we can.

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