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Promotions, prizes and discounts payment with Bizum

This service enables your company to pay for promotions, prizes, discounts or refunds to your clients who are registered with Bizum

How to make payments in your company with Bizum?

Contact your bank

Advise the financial institution as regards your interest in using Bizum for your promotions payments.

Incorporate Bizum

Said entity will advise you of the steps in order to be able to pay any person easily, securely and immediately.

Advise your clients

Pay prizes, discounts or refunds to people who are registered in Bizum without requiring their IBAN.

Banks with which you can use Bizum

Find out if the entity that you are collaborating with offers Bizum. If you cannot find it, contact your bank or contact us so that we may help you.

Advantages of using Bizum for your company


Payments protected by major banks.


All you need is your mobile phone and your list of contacts.


The money is sent in 10 seconds.

Frequently Asked Questions

I am a company, can I pay my promotions, prizes and discounts using Bizum?

Bizum allows your company to pay prizes, discounts or refunds to your clients who are registered in the service. It is not necessary to know the IBAN of the lucky ones, their mobile phone number will sufficient. The process is simple, you only need to notify our interest in offering Bizum for your promotions to the financial institution of your choice (and which is ascribed to Bizum). This financial institution provide advice as regards the steps to integrate our service and also so that anyone can receive their prize easily, securely and immediately.

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Should you have any enquiries, please write to us

Write to us and we will contact you as soon as we can.

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