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Obtain Bizum to pay for online purchases

Select "Pay with Bizum" in your online purchases

Start paying your online purchases quickly and securely. As before, all you need is your mobile phone.

How to make an online payment

Select "Pay with Bizum"

Select the "Pay with Bizum" option when finalising your purchase.

Enter your details

Enter your telephone number.

Validate the purchase

Complete the purchase in your bank's app or enter your Bizum password. Enjoy your purchase!

Establishments which accept payment with Bizum

What is the Bizum password?

It is a unique 4-digit password which you can change whenever you want. You can activate the password in your bank's app.

Remember that it is very important that you do not share your password. With the Bizum password you will be able to make online payments at all affiliated merchants. Check with your bank to see if it offers the Bizum password.

Ejemplo de la clave Bizum en la mayoría de los comercios
Phone number
Bizum password

Frequently Asked Questions

What guarantees do I have when I make a purchase at an e-business using Bizum?

Bizum, as an immediate account-to-account payment method, offers the maximum guarantee of security pursuant to the standards regulated by the European Union and Spanish legislation. Payment is made in an entirely secure manner with Bizum through your bank, which is the entity which finally validates the operation. You should consult the establishment in each case as regards product delivery and returns warranties. Las garantías de entrega de producto y devoluciones deberás consultarlas en el comercio en cada caso.

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How do I consult my purchases?

You can consult all your purchases within your bank's app in the Bizum/movements section. Purchases made using Bizum are shown in the same section as the Bizum you made with your friends or family. All Bizum operations are sent to your bank account associated to the service, which is why you can likewise view these operations through your bank’s channels that you generally use to consult same (electronic banking, mobile banking etc.).

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Can I use Bizum to make a purchase from an individual?

Indeed, Bizum is an ideal payment solution for purchases between individuals, in particular, through applications or platforms which bring purchasers and vendors together. Nevertheless, there can always be sporadic cases in which a seller attempts to take advantage of the purchaser's goodwill, regardless of whether or not payment is made with Bizum or another means of payment (transfer, cash on delivery, ...). As with any other method, prior to paying with Bizum, ensure that the seller has delivered the product actually purchased or offers sufficient guarantees that it will be sent to you subsequently, given that the fact that Bizum we cannot guarantee the seller's goodwill and the subsequent delivery of goods.

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