Bizum | Security and protection in your payments
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Security and protection in your payments

Security and protection in your payments

Bizum is a service offered entirely by banking channels, which is why it is fully backed up by their security systems. The transfer is always ordered by your bank and it is your bank which authenticates you.

What makes Bizum secure?

Banking environment.

It is in your bank’s application, with all that this entails, especially when it comes to the usual guarantees and security measures offered by your bank.

Compliance with regulations

It was created in compliance with all security regulations, both European and Spanish. We are committed to implementing any update or innovation which entails improving your security.

Well-informed community

We keep our community informed, always offering security tips and guidelines to keep our users protected.

Frequently asked questions

The beneficiary’s number is incorrect

The beneficiary does not receive the money

What happens if the beneficiary’s number is incorrect?

Bizum works like transfers, reason why it is important to check that the phone number is correct, as there is no possibility to undo a transfer once it has been approved (security factor). If you have made a mistake as regards the beneficiary, you can ask your bank to reverse the transaction.


Add the number to your contacts

Save the phone number in your contacts to avoid mistakes.

Check the beneficiary’s details

Verify that the details are correct before validating the transaction. You will be able to check the beneficiary’s alias, consisting of the first name and the initials of the two surnames (in compliance with the Law on Data Protection).


Request a refund from the beneficiary

If possible, contact the beneficiary to request a refund.

Ask your bank for help

Ask your bank to initiate the Bizum transaction reversal due to an incorrect beneficiary. To start the process, you must provide all available information as regards the transaction (telephone number, date and amount, movement details in the bank account).

What happens if the beneficiary does not receive the money?

All transactions are recorded, so you can follow up and see the status of the transaction. It may be a one-off error, which is why it is advisable to check the status after a few hours.

Contact your bank

So that the bank can review the transaction, check its status and take the necessary actions to solve the problem. To that end, you should provide all available information as regards the transaction (telephone numbers, date and amount, movement details in the bank account).

Avoid fraud and scams

Bizum offers the maximum guarantee of security in accordance with the standards regulated by the European Union and Spanish legislation. The transaction is carried out in a completely secure manner with Bizum through your bank, which finally validates the transaction. Follow our recommendations to protect yourself.

Purchases between individuals:

  • Assure yourself of the seller’s good faith and be suspicious of bargains which are too good to be true.
  • If you are the seller, make sure that you are receiving the money and not a solicitation.

Purchases from merchants:

  • Verify that it is a reputable website.
  • The delivery and return terms and conditions should be checked with each merchant.

What to do if you have been scammed?

Go to the State law enforcement agencies with all the information you need to file a complaint. Those agencies will request from us the corresponding information, which will have been registered in our systems, in order to proceed with the criminal investigation.