Bizum | Make a Bizum: Send and receive money instantly from your mobile phone.
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Send and receive money faster than ever

With Bizum, forget about ordering IBANs or transfers which take days to arrive. All you need is your mobile phone and the telephone number of the person to whom you wish to send the money to.

Haz un Bizum y envía y recibe dinero al instante desde tu móvil

Settle accounts with your friends and send money in 10 seconds

Forget about the "who pays the bill? With Bizum one person pays his/her share and the rest sends him/her their share - the funds will be transferred within 10 seconds from account to account! Quick, easy and secure.

Envía dinero móvil en solo 10 segundos

Banks with which you can use Bizum


Select your bank

Select the name of your bank from the following.


Obtain your app if you still don't have it yet

Follow the instructions to download your app.


Access and search for Bizum

Register in your bank's application, find the Bizum option and off you go!

Request money and immediately receive it in your account

Are you entrusted with the task of purchasing concert tickets? Don't worry, you can do the maths and request a Bizum from several friends at once and get paid immediately. What are you waiting for to enable Bizum?

Has recibido un Bizum de 90,50 €

Beatriz te ha enviado 90.50€ por los billetes de avión

Has recibido un Bizum de 25,70€

Pablo te ha enviado 25,70€ por el regalo de Blanca

Has recibido un Bizum de 40€

María te ha enviado 40€ por las entradas del concierto

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I do if I make a mistake when I attempt to carry out an operation using Bizum?

First of all, don't worry, given the fact that until the onscreen confirmation has been sent the remittance or request has been made correctly, there is no risk that an operation has been made without your knowledge. Next, it is recommended that you repeat the process a couple of times in the event that it may be due to a specific error in the application and, if it persists, we encourage you to contact your bank. If, however, the problems persist, you can write to us and we will help you in any way possible.

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I sent a Bizum to the wrong recipient, what can I do?

The easiest solution is for you to contact the person to whom you have mistakenly sent the money, for the purposes that he/she can return same to you. In either event, you can also contact your bank so that you can be advised as regards the cases in which you can request a refund.

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I have sent a money transfer/request to a friend, when does the money arrive?

The sending of a Bizum is immediate, so it will reach the recipient's account in less than 5 seconds! Just in case, we always send a notification to the money recipient in order to confirm the correct receipt of the money. In the event of a request, the recipient will have 7 days to accept or reject it.

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